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 WWF n'est pas ce qu'elle prétend être

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Date d'inscription : 16/08/2005

MessageSujet: WWF n'est pas ce qu'elle prétend être   Mer 27 Sep - 21:17

WWF n'est pas ce qu'elle prétend être,,,,

WWF soutient le programme EDSP le plus grand plan de testes sur animaux.
Ce sont des testes pour mesurer la toxicité chimique.
Demande de se retirer du plan.
On ne soutient pas des organisations qui n'ont pas du respect pour les animaux.

Dear Madam/Dear Sir,

I was shocked to learn that the World Wildlife Fund was largely
responsible for initiating, and continues to support, the killing of
large numbers of animals in the EPA'S Endocrine
Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP), the largest animal-testing program of
all time.

Poisoning animals in chemical toxicity tests is a useless, violent, and
unethical practice. No animal test method in use today has ever been
properly scientifically validated to determine its reliability and
relevance to humans. Therefore, the results of animal tests are always
subject to interpretation and manipulation, much to the detriment of
human health and environmental protection.
Despite killing hundreds of thousands of animals in cruel
poisoning tests, the EPA has not banned a single toxic industrial
chemical in more than a decade using its authority under the Toxic
Substances Control Act. There is no excuse for poisoning animals to
gather data that are clearly not being used to protect the environment
or the safety of the pubic.

Environmental organizations should be lobbying to reduce human and
environmental exposures to hazardous chemicals instead of demanding
endless new animal tests. The goals of protecting the public and the
environment from hazardous chemicals and protecting animals from
suffering and death in laboratories are not mutually exclusive.
Non-animal test methods are not only more humane, they are generally
more rapid and economical, often producing results which are more
reliable and relevant to humans than the results of tests on animals.

Please confirm in writing that the World Wildlife Fund will no
longer support animal testing so that I can once again feel confident in
supporting your organization.


Animal liberation is also human liberation. Animal liberationists care about the quality of life for all. We recognize our kinship with all feeling beings. We identify with the powerless and the vulnerable - the victims, all those dominated, oppressed and exploited. And it is the non-human animals whose suffering is most intense, widespread, expanding, systematic and socially sanctioned of all. - Henry Spira
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WWF n'est pas ce qu'elle prétend être
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