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 URGENT - pour les chiens de Belgrade

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Localisation : Hainaut - Belgique
Date d'inscription : 16/08/2005

MessageSujet: URGENT - pour les chiens de Belgrade   Lun 16 Juil - 23:11

URGENT - 2 lettres à envoyer sans tarder - merci pour les animaux errants de
Belgrade qui sont massacrés à chaque évènement international

Cette lettre demande aux autorités de Belgrade d'intervenir dans l'abattage
de chiens de rue. En ce moment a lieu la fête européenne olympique des
jeunes (EOYF).

C’est ainsi : chaque fois qu’il y a un événement international, ils «
nettoient » les rues et tuent les animaux.
En 2005, c’était pour le championnat de basket-ball, et en 2008, ce sera à
l’occasion de l’eurovision.

1ère lettre

Envoyer à:, contact@ptt.yu,,,,,,
Objet : EOYF BELGRADE 2007

I totally agree with the view expressed in this letter.


Vos coordonnées


We have heard that the Belgrade authorities are once again planning to kill
all errant animals of the city.

This time the pretext for this ignoble action is the coming European Olympic
Youth Festival.

You are sponsoring this event.

You may not be aware that Serbia has a very bad reputation regarding animal
treatment, worldwide. Even in the European Parliament a question has been
asked (late May 2007) to the European Commission about the Serbian animals.

The Serbian word ‘shinter’ is known all over the civilised word….

We ask you to urgently intervene so that the massacre ordered by the
Belgrade authorities will be stopped immediately.

Please request for a catch/neuter/return program : sterilising and returning
the animals. After a few (animal) generations, the problem of the
overpopulation will be solved. Besides, these errant animals are no harm;
normal, good people are not disturbed by the presence of non-human habitants
of the city.

May we remind you of the fact that these ruthless and brutal killings of
innocent animals are not good for Serbia’s reputation? Very bad publicity,
Gentlemen! Mahatma Gandhi said : “The greatness of a nation and its moral
progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated..’’

Please withdraw your sponsoring of the EOYF if the Belgrade authorities
refuse to abandon their murderous plans re the errant dogs of the city.

We thank you in advance and remain,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Maria Borremans


2ème lettre adressée aux membres de l'EYOF et au comité olympique pour
arrêter ce massacre.

Envoyer à:,,,,
Copie à :,,,,,,,,,,,
Objet : Mass Killing is a bizarre way to celebrate the Olympic Idea

I totally agree with the view expressed in this letter.


Vos coordonnées

Ladies, Gentlemen of the EYOF Belgrade, of the Olympic Serbian Committee

The City of Belgrade is honouring the European Youth Olympic Festival 2007
in a sad way

Once again we hear that the Belgrade authorities ordered a round-up of all
errant animals, street and abandoned. By experience, we know what this
means. A massacre carried out by people called ‘shinters’, a Serbian word
which has become a cliché all over the civilised world for cruelty and
brutal killing.

Ladies, Gentlemen of the EYOF Belgrade and of the Olympic Serbian Committee:
did YOU request this dog massacre?

In that case, I would like to remind you that Serbia is amongst the
countries which already have a very bad reputation regarding animal welfare
and respect…

If the Belgrade authorities took this initiative of their own, we would ask
you to intervene immediately and request them just to leave the animals
alone. Please ask them to launch a sterilising program, a
CATCH-NEUTER-RETURN program, and not to adopt an endless catch-and-kill

The unfortunate errant animals are innocent habitants of the city of
Belgrade, of Serbia – just like you. They are bothering nobody, exception
made for some pathological animal-haters.

In case you shouldn’t know and for your information, late May 2007, the
European Commission has been questioned by a MEP (Bart Staes) about the
brutal treatment of Serbian animals. Have a look at the internet – EU!

As you can see, there are some participating countries in cc, so nobody can
say: ‘Wir haben es nicht gewusst’.

We thank you in advance for preventing this ugly and unworthy action: now,
and in the future, once and for all.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Maria Borremans
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URGENT - pour les chiens de Belgrade
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