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 Les phoques du Canada ont besoin de vous

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MessageSujet: Les phoques du Canada ont besoin de vous   Mar 28 Fév - 22:22


Il y a un peu plus de 30.000 signatures, il en faut 150.000 date limite
29/03/2006, svp signez la pétition si vous ne l'avez pas encore fait.
Vous pouvez également envoyer la lettre ci-dessous au Premier Ministre
Harper à l'adresse suivante .
N'oubliez pas de transférer ce mail à tous vos correspondants.

Merci pour eux.



De la part de Help_the_Animals
Envoyé : dimanche 26 février 2006 19:42
Objet : [vg] massacre des phoques

Dans le cadre d'une campagne internationale et pour protester auprès du
nouveau premier ministre canadien à propos de la chasse au phoque et lui
demander d'arrêter le massacre (300 000 victimes par ans et on sait dans
quelles conditions...) vous pouvez envoyer la lettre ci-après et signer la
pétition suivante si ce n'est déjà fait :

PETITION: Call on Canada's New Prime Minister to End the Seal Slaughter!<

Email :

OBJET à varier pour éviter le classement vertical : seal hunt / seal
slaughter / etc...


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I write with restored hope for an end to the world's most unsustainable slaughter of marine wildlife. As Canada's newly elected Prime Minister, you play a vital role in stopping the massacre of over 300,000 seals each year.

I commend you for conveying opposition to a hunt that has claimed almost one

million seal pups over the last three years. As you know, there is no credible rationale to convince an informed public the Canadian seal hunt is humane. In photographic images from 2005, the world viewed whitecoat pups gunned down, pounded in the skull, kicked in the face, and thrashed with hakapiks.

Up to 95% of harp seals slaughtered during the last five years were less than three months old. These vulnerable pups cannot even eat or swim on their own. Video footage depicts sealers routinely hauling them over the ice with boathooks.

In 2001 a team of impartial veterinarians determined that 42% of examined seals did not suffer sufficient cranial injury to render them unconscious.
They concluded the seals were likely cognizant when skinned alive.

Scientists worldwide have renounced Canada's management policy for harp seals as reckless and unsustainable. The economic basis for the hunt is flimsy as well. In Newfoundland, where 90% of sealers live, seal-related income makes up less than one-tenth of 1% of the province's economy.

In addition, there is no conclusive evidence linking harp seals to depleted fish stocks. The greatest predators of young cod are other fish species.
Seals actually consume the very fish that prey on cod! Eliminating harp seals could signify a rise in cod predators. "Certainly, no Department of Fisheries scientist thinks the seal had anything to do with the fishery's collapse," Dr. Jeffrey Hatchlings, a fishery biologist and former DO consultant, has stated. In fact, scientists are concerned that killing seals may hinder the recovery of ground fish stocks.

Convulsing animals amid rivers of blood disgrace your nation. Polls indicate nearly 80% of Americans and Europeans disapprove of the seal hunt, with many prepared to boycott Canadian seafood until it ends. I respectfully ask you to make a viable commitment to halting this scientifically, economically, and ethically indefensible hunt.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this important matter.



Humane Society of the United States,
STOP Canada's Massive Seal Hunt
Boycott Canadian Seafood

Sea Shepherd
Canadian Seafood Boycott Campaign. Animal Alliance of Canada
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MessageSujet: Re: Les phoques du Canada ont besoin de vous   Mer 1 Mar - 1:35

Je viens de signer la pétition. J'espère que ça va porter ses fruits parce qu'il y en a marre de tous ces massacres inutiles ColèreR
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Les phoques du Canada ont besoin de vous
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